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About Your Subscription Preferences

Every time something happens with your account, like you place an order or the order ships, you'll receive an email. We'll also send you emails when you qualify for a rebate or reward so, if a form or additional information is required, you can take the necessary steps. These are "transactional emails" and you cannot unsubscribe from these. 

You can, however, choose how and when you get other types of communications from us. Right now, these are the types of communications we have available:

Email Briefs - These are quick, one-topic emails about special offers, rebate programs, new products, available whitepapers or special events.  These are sent to you based on products you've purchased from us or things you've told us about you and your company. We usually send out one a week. Sometimes we send out two, if there's a lot going on, but we'll try not to do that very often. Sometimes, we'll send out less.

Postcards, Letters and Flyers - Don't you miss getting "real mail" sometimes? If you do, make sure to check the box next to "direct mail" to get 2-3 mailings from us, each month.

Email Newsletter - Includes at least one useful feature article and a quick summary of our most popular promos. We'll keep things informative and brief.

At the bottom of each newsletter and email brief is an unsubscribe link. Use that link to change your communication preferences at any time.

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